I am extremely proud to celebrate the successes of my wonderful clients.  “Success” means something different to each of my students.  All are equally valuable.

Robin Sachs is an adult amateur who has been riding for over twenty years. "I recently came to Rachel seeking help in riding my young horse more effectively. I had never received a score above 60% at a recognized show, but all my scores were in the 60s at my last show. My horse Victory is also in training with Rachel, and is becoming easier to ride.  I am very impressed with Rachel's integrity."

Marcia Bernd:   "Rachel solidified the flying changes with my 3rd level Hannovarian/Canadian WB gelding [shown at left with Rachel up], and made him much more rideable for me as an amateur.  She helped me develop my confidence as a rider.  Rachel is a very motivational teacher."
Ellen Zanino came to me after an 18 month break from riding after the birth of her daughter. "I had previously shown third level with my horse Jeeves (now retired), but I needed to regain riding fitness and sharpen my skills.  Even though I can ride only one day per week, Rachel has helped me ride better than I ever have.  I'm now leasing Pavarotti, a Grand Prix schoolmaster, and working on fun things like passage and tempi changes."

Kathy Schimmoler is an adult amateur who has been riding for over twenty years. "I had ridden my whole life in various disciplines, but still felt I lacked a strong seat.  Working with Rachel the past three years, I've found a balanced position, and I really understand now how position influences the horse.   I'm looking forward to showing at First Level in 2010."

Albion Marble is a wonderful Oldenberg gelding owned by Jan and Bob Weber [shown at right with Rachel up].  He recently earned his USDF Performance Certificate at Training Level.

Joan Noel has been riding with me since 2004 on my Second Level school horse Devon.  "Working with Rachel and Devon, I've been able to find my state of calm and develop new skills.  I so enjoy the close relationship I have with Devon, and the warm, supportive atmosphere among Rachel’s students." 


  • USDF Silver and Bronze Medallist
  • USDF L judge program graduate
  • Grand Prix Competitor
  • A.L.M., Harvard University; B.A., Mt Holyoke College
  • USEF Technical Delegate
  • FEI Steward for World Equestrian Games
  • 25 years study with Joy Congdon and Kathy Connelly
  • 2009 NEDA scholarship recipient
  • 25 years success as vaulting coach
  • Certified Ride Right Specialist
  • American Vaulting Association (AVA) Board of Directors (2002-2005)
  • Mentored by Stephanie Siemans, (past President of the AVA), Nancy Stevens-Brown, and vaulting gold medalist Jen Williams
  • AVA liaison to the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association
  • Cliniced with top longe specialists Petra Kirchner and Reiner Heibolt
  • Run City to Saddle vaulting summer program