Longe Lessons

I am pleased to offer longe-lessons in the European tradition, on your horse or on my quiet trained mare. They may be scheduled in 1 hour or ½ hour sessions.  Longe-lessons are a proven method of dressage seat development, and one of my areas of specialization. You may also schedule longe-lessons as a clinic at your farm.

Longe-lessons are proven: For over 250 years, longe-lessons have been the foundation of rider training at the Spanish Riding School (SRS). Eleves must take daily longe lessons for three years, and “even advanced riders longe…to ensure no bad habits have cropped up,” according to SRS rider Andreas Hausberger.

Longe-lessons let you focus on you:  Longe-lessons are effective for two primary reasons, according to Jane Savoie. “When you are being longed, you don’t have to multi-task. You can focus on your body and your position.”  Also, she adds,”it puts you in a position in which you have to find your balance. You have no other way of not falling off.”

Longe-lessons work for riders of all levels: Some American riders can be in a rush to move on to the higher level movements, and think longe work is tedious.  Jane Savoie points out that “if people took the time… they would realize that it makes the ‘fun stuff’ that much more fun.”

What my clients have to say about their experiences:

"As a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, I am impressed at he way Rachel’s longe lessons address balance, poise, and flexibility in a holistic way. She has a keen eye for the rider’s seat and its influence on the horse. - -Mary Derbyshire M.AmSAT

“Working with Rachel on the longe has made the difference entirely in my riding.  I finally ‘get it’ and it’s wonderful.” – Kathy Schimmoler


  • USDF Silver and Bronze Medallist
  • USDF L judge program graduate
  • Grand Prix Competitor
  • A.L.M., Harvard University; B.A., Mt Holyoke College
  • USEF Technical Delegate
  • FEI Steward for World Equestrian Games
  • 25 years study with Joy Congdon and Kathy Connelly
  • 2009 NEDA scholarship recipient
  • 25 years success as vaulting coach
  • Certified Ride Right Specialist
  • American Vaulting Association (AVA) Board of Directors (2002-2005)
  • Mentored by Stephanie Siemans, (past President of the AVA), Nancy Stevens-Brown, and vaulting gold medalist Jen Williams
  • AVA liaison to the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association
  • Cliniced with top longe specialists Petra Kirchner and Reiner Heibolt
  • Run City to Saddle vaulting summer program