I offer vaulting instruction and mentor vaulting clubs in New England; contact me for further information.

Vaulting teaches life skills
Vaulting is a unique and growing sport that combines gymnastics and dance on a moving horse. It's a wonderful way to develop coordination, balance, strength, and creativity while working in harmony with an equine partner. It was introduced to the US from Europe by two dressage trainers, Elizabeth Searle and Jeff Moore.

Vaulting develops:
Teamwork: Work together with both the horse and coach; and in team competition, with each other as well.
Responsibility: Perform horse duties each lesson: brushing, feeding and watering the horse, putting the equipment on the horse, walking the horse to cool it down, and cleaning out the horse's stall.
Trust: In their coach, their horse, and, most importantly, each other.
Self confidence: How does one not have self confidence when you can stand on the back of a moving horse!

It’s easy to get started
Vaulting instruction is available year round. Vaulting generally runs for six- or eight-week sessions from September through June.
For most of the year, vaulting takes place at beautiful Sheriffmuir Farm in Harvard, MA. For six or eight weeks in January/February, during the coldest part of the year, vaulting practice takes place indoors.  The winter session is a great time to develop a freestyle routine and strong compulsories.

Classes usually include vaulters at different levels and run for 75 minutes, sometimes longer.


  • USDF Silver and Bronze Medallist
  • USDF L judge program graduate
  • Grand Prix Competitor
  • A.L.M., Harvard University; B.A., Mt Holyoke College
  • USEF Technical Delegate
  • FEI Steward for World Equestrian Games
  • 25 years study with Joy Congdon and Kathy Connelly
  • 2009 NEDA scholarship recipient
  • 25 years success as vaulting coach
  • Certified Ride Right Specialist
  • American Vaulting Association (AVA) Board of Directors (2002-2005)
  • Mentored by Stephanie Siemans, (past President of the AVA), Nancy Stevens-Brown, and vaulting gold medalist Jen Williams
  • AVA liaison to the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association
  • Cliniced with top longe specialists Petra Kirchner and Reiner Heibolt
  • Run City to Saddle vaulting summer program